Romans 5:8

From Caitlin Estes

Romans 5:8 is one of those verses that I tend to skip over too often. I grew up in church, and I heard this verse frequently: “While we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.” When I hear that, I hear it in the past tense. Way back when, Jesus hung on the cross for me. I tend to read it as a fact that happened in the past rather than an active truth for today.

It’s only been recently that God revealed a fuller picture of its meaning:

Today, as I sin, God is actively loving me.

This moment, as I forget His goodness, He is actively pursuing me.

This verse does not have only past tense relevance – it’s talking about right now.

And when I consider my stubbornness and arrogance, I think… I can’t be that easy to love. I know difficult people and what it’s like to work with or serve alongside them: hard. It takes grace upon grace, and usually a few venting sessions. How often do I forget to seek His counsel (because I trust my own guidance)? How frequently do I sin, in the same exact way, again and again? How often do I beg for intervention and then act as if a happily-resolved situation was bound to happen all along?

And yet, in the midst of that muck of my own pride, God is there – always knocking to be let in to transform and heal and restore. Always!

Christ’s death gave us intimate access to our Father and His Spirit, and that gift is ongoing. Reading any less in a verse like this is cheapening His gift, which He offered in that moment and forever after. This is something worth celebrating! No matter how many times I fail or forget, God purses me. The redemption of the cross offers fresh forgiveness; God displays His deep love for me in His mercy and grace each day.  Praise God!

Let’s memorize this together.