Psalm 32:8-9

There is the hard way and there’s the easy way. Parents almost universally feel at one time or another that their child chooses the hard way. Every day. The hard way. “You’re going to eat those green beans one way or another, why don’t you just do it!” “You are going to clean your room. Cry, scream, throw a fit…it doesn’t matter. If you had started when I told you the first time you’d be done by now!” Every day. We’re just trying to give them good advice, give them wise counsel, teach them how to be in the world. And what do we get in return? The hard way. It doesn’t make any sense choosing the hard way. Perhaps it’s part of the human condition; it’s just the way we are.

God tells his children the same thing. He says, “I’ll give you understanding. I’ll show you the way. I’ll give you good advice.” That’s what his Word is. It’s understanding, wisdom, and counsel on how to be in the world. But what do I choose every day? My way, my counsel, and my advice. Sometimes I feel like screaming, “How much longer in this struggle with pride, anger, and selfishness God?” I best not ask because I’m pretty sure His answer would be, “If you had started when I told you the first time you’d be done by now.” God made us in his image but too often we act like beasts of burden that require a bit and bridle to turn our heads the right way. I pray we all stop choosing the hard way and listen. Memorize this!