Memorzie Romans 5:9-10

Why did I wake up the day after Easter and feel like a chain had been loosened? Why did I feel like I had spent 40 days in captivity just to be finally freed to do whatever I wanted? To finally eat sugar, to look at my social media whenever I wanted, to turn on the radio in the car.

I gave up a different thing each week of lent, each with it’s own surprising struggles. Did it deepen my relationship with God? Yes. Did I receive wisdom and strength in those 40 days? Yes. Did it bring about an experience where the Lord was so close to me, speaking so directly to me that I couldn’t help but weep? Yes. So why did I feel like I was finally free the day after all of the fasting was over? Because I am a sinner.

I cannot will my flesh into a constant obedience. I am broken, fallen, and so incredibly weak. I am in need of a savior. Thank God for the words of Romans 5:9-10. Not only am I reconciled by his blood, but in his resurrection I am saved for the day to come. The work of the resurrection is not complete, not only a past event, but ongoing daily salvation. Let’s memorize this wonderful reminder.

-Marianne Walker