Memorize Romans 10:17

In early 1945 Hiroo Onoda, a lieutenant in the Japanese military, was fighting in the jungle on Lubang Island. He was giving orders to die before surrendering. In September of that year Japan surrendered and World War II was over, but no one told Lieutenant Onoda. He stayed in the jungle for 29 more years, following his last order, refusing to surrender. He rejected all reports that the war was long over as lies. It wasn’t until the Japanese government sent his former commander to officially relieve him of duty that Hirro Onoda believed the war was over and left the jungle.


Right before this verse Paul asks the questions, “How are people going to call on Jesus if they don’t believe in Jesus and how are they going to believe in Jesus if they haven’t heard about him and how are they going to hear about him unless someone preaches to them and how is someone going to preach unless they are sent?” Calling on Jesus starts with sending. Jesus gave us the misson to participate in sending people to proclaim the good news that the war has been won. Death and hell have been defeated by Jesus. Our sins are forgiven through faith. We have been adopted as children of the King. We must share this word near and send it to the ends of the earth. Memorize this.