Memorize Psalm 139:9-10

From Thomas:

Growing up, I somehow misunderstood and perceived that poetry was nothing more than a short series of rhymes. I am not blaming this on my small-town education; I just didn’t care. By God’s grace, I’ve grown to love poetry. Rhyme, meter, and alliteration were my entryway into an appreciation for poetry. However, a love for these elements can be problematic when reading ancient Hebrew poetry, because even if these poetic devices are used, they hardly show up in the English translation. PLEASE don’t let that discourage you from reading biblical poetry! Roughly a third of your bible is poetry, that’s a lot of poetry. Praise God that His word cannot be stripped of its creative beauty and everlasting truth just because a few poetic elements may have been lost in translation.

This passage is some amazing poetry! No, it doesn’t rhyme, and no, it doesn’t fit a strict meter. But it does paint for us a picture that we can find ourselves in. That’s what great poetry does; it enables us to, not only read a truth, but also experience it. I encourage you to take a moment and let the imagery in these two verses take you to the farthest distances you can fathom, grabbing hold of the rays of the dawning sun and setting up camp on a solitary rock in the farthest reaches of the sea. The farthest perceivable distance in the ancient world, the horizon, is beyond where any human has ever tread. God’s word assures us, however, that even there is not too far from the reach and the touch of God and His goodness.

Let’s memorize this together as we worship and adore our omnipresent Father!