Memorize Psalm 139:6-8

From Aaron Gray

This phrase from King David, “It is too wonderful for me,”  is one of my favorite sayings. Wise yet whimsical, self-aware yet God-centric – it is a great summary of our position as limited humans. So many things in life are “too wonderful for us!” Things that don’t have an answer and we cannot comprehend like, “Why is life so painful sometimes?”, “Why does God give us dreams if they so often never come to fruition?”,  “What good can come of this situation?”

But the greatest thing in life that is “too wonderful for us” is the idea that God is with us – Emmanuel – in every situation, in every pain, and in every dream that dies. Even at the very best of our self-awareness, we are so limited in our understanding of our own heart, in our understanding of others, and in our understanding of the grand story that God is weaving through our pains, failures, and heartbreaks. God is present in the darkest schemes of Hell, and He is present in our greatest moments of victory.

It has been said that, “People don’t want someone to solve their problems, they want someone to walk beside them through their problems.” Although counter-intuitive, there is great truth here. If God came and solved all our problems, most of us would be completely miserable. The developed world is more prosperous than anytime in human history, and yet we as people seem more depressed than ever. All these problems have been solved by technology and industry, but why are we so miserable? We truly have a God-shaped hole in our hearts, a hole that is too big to be filled with solved problems and prosperity. In fact, God declares throughout Scripture that He uses pain for our ultimate joy and good. So the end of the matter is this – God with us – this is the greatest gift He has given, and that is too wonderful for me.