Memorize Psalm 139:23-24

From Thomas Weeks:

It’s a fact, neither Lindsey nor I sent wedding invitations to our parents. Were they invited to the wedding? Absolutely! They paid for it and put forth so much effort to make it happen, of course they were invited…that was implied and obvious. No need to send a formal invitation.

In these verses, David invites his God to search him high and low to see if there be any offensive way in him. As if the one and only, sovereign, all-knowing and ever-present God needed an invitation! These verses are corrective for me, because I often treat God as I treated my invitationless parents. I let it be implied that He who made me and re-made me in Christ is always invited to snuff out any sin and brokenness within me, but these verses teach me that it ought not only be implied. What if, through the invitation, God is posturing our hearts to respond to His searching and convicting with repentance and faith? For those adopted through Christ’s blood, your failure to send the formal invitation will not limit your heavenly Father’s ability to search you and know your hidden thoughts. Yet, I believe it may help us to respond obediently and follow Him in the way everlasting.

Let’s memorize these verses as we invite our heavenly Father’s correction and reproof.

P.S.  If you are wondering why verses 19-22 were skipped in the weekly scripture memorization from Fighter Verses, you can find the reasoning from the founders in the link below. Please don’t regard these cries for justice as unimportant, but meditate on them and memorize them just as you have this entire Psalm.