Memorize Psalm 139:15-16

From Aaron Gray:

These two verses are some of the most staggering in the entire Bible. First, the idea that we are people, seen and formed by God, even while we are still inside our mother’s womb. Before our substance is formed, before we look anything like a person, we exist, God knows us, and we are fully-fledged human beings. The ethical implications of this are profound.

Second, the idea that God has foreordained every single one of our days in this life before a single one has happened. The mind-blowing phrase is probably overused in our culture, but I think it is wholly deserved in this case. How can we fathom the concept that every single day of our lives has already been written? The theological implications of this are profound.

How do we reconcile these principles with the idea of God’s justice and His judgment, with human responsibility and God’s sovereignty? Why does our world have so much suffering if every day was already written before time immemorial? These are difficult questions, to be sure, but if we believe the Bible, this verse is clear that the Master Storyteller already knows how the story is going to go even while we the characters are living it out. And there is great power in that worldview, very real power. Power to comfort us when we are weeping, power to strengthen our hearts when we are exhausted, power to give us courage to do the right thing when it seems like nothing but bad will come of it, power to turn the other cheek when we are wronged, and power to live as servants of the King no matter where our story takes us. So take heart pilgrim, for you are known by God, and wherever you are on this page of your story, God is there, He has written it, and if you are His, He will give you the power to see your journey through to its good end.