Memorize Psalm 139:11-12

From Caitlin Estes:
Think back to playing hide-and-go seek and you’ll remember that if your hiding spot also happened to be in the dark, you had a better chance of surviving.

We tend to hold that same belief as adults with our “stuff” — the ugly stuff. We convince ourselves that if we keep something quiet and hidden, it won’t hurt anyone or be a big deal. You know what actually happens when we keep the ugly stuff in the dark? It gets uglier.

We keep running to darkness to keep things hidden and safe — afraid of what could happen without it’s cover (exposure, embarrassment, guilt, pain), but the only things darkness breeds are secrets, shame, and sin.

This verse reminds us that darkness cannot hide us from God. God knows the deepest depths of our being; nothing about us is hidden. To our darkness, He is Light.

And no doubt, that kind of exposure can be scary and feel risky. But this verse reminds us that He sees us — even our ugly stuff — and pursues and loves us, still. Praise God!

Memorize this.