Memorize Psalm 139:1-3

From Torry Patton

If you’ve had any conversation with me in the past year, it is very likely that we have discussed the Enneagram. If you and I haven’t had the chance, I will always welcome a discussion with you about it. The Enneagram is a personality typing system that is very popular right now, especially in Christian circles.  It categorizes people into 9 different personality types based on a their core motivations. I think one of the main reasons that the Enneagram (or any other personality typing system) is so fascinating is that people want to be known and understood.

We all treasure those relationships where we can relax and be ourselves.  It is so enjoyable and encouraging when we can be real, with no pretenses.  Our Creator offers this relationship, accompanied by ultimate love, every day.  The Pslamist begins chapter 139 by praising God for truly knowing us, inside and out.  As a church, we will be memorizing this entire chapter, but let’s start with the first three verses as we thank God for allowing us to be fully known.

P.S. If you’d like to take a free Enneagram assessment, there’s a good one here and there is a great description of the nine types located here.