Memorize Psalm 100:1-3

from Wendi Culver


I LOVE PSALM 100 SO MUCH!!! Every time I read it I get excited. No matter where I am, no matter what place in life I’m in, I read these verses and want to raise my hands, move around a bit, smile really big, run faster, and rejoice! I want to be excited about the Lord, don’t you? I want to serve him with a glad and grateful heart. I really do.


These verses remind me who I am and gives me purpose and hope. My father, my shepherd, my Lord God made me and I am his. Nothing can change this. Nothing! I was made to worship and serve him.


I find that when I’m not in a place of praising and serving God, it is often because I’m trying to be in control and dictate how life should go, which never turns out great. When I’m struggling to find joy in my circumstances, these verses give me confidence and strength. When I’m tired, busy, and don’t feel like I have much to offer, I’m reminded that I am a child of the almighty God, creator of all things! No matter if there are tears of sadness, loss, or doubt or if I’m in a season of celebration and victory, I can be reminded my God is Lord of all and he assures me of his love through the cross of Christ. He can and will do this for you too!


If you don’t already know the first few verses of Psalm 100, memorize it. Stand up where you are right now and read this passage out loud and see if it doesn’t make you want to move around a bit, raise your hands and smile! J Get excited my friends! Our God is worthy to be praised!!