Memorize Proverbs 3:9-10

Proverbs are wisdom sayings that often have layers of meaning. Each time we come to the proverb it can reveal new truth to us. Our experiences often prepare our hearts to hear from these texts in fresh ways. The clearest meaning of this proverb is about giving. Can you imagine what would happen if we gave like the Old Testament describes; giving our first fruits? There is a song called Be Multiplied by NeedtoBreathe (Multiplied) that these verses remind me of. When we give our offerings to God, monetary or not, He multiplies them. That is what these verses are telling us. He is our provider, giving us the ultimate gift (Jesus), and the more we submit and surrender to Him, the more of Him we will experience, feel, and know, and the more like Him we become. You can also think about the examples of Manna. Or the stories of the fishes and loaves that Jesus multiplied to feed thousands; that’s what God does. People gave all they had and He multiplied it to provide sustenance to many. This also applies to giving of ourselves—our time, praying, missions, etc.—and how we usually get something out of it, possibly more than those we are serving. Pray through these verses this week and see what “first fruits” you can give…offering to the church, your time, praying for a friend or family member and see how much “you are multiplied.”

by Rachel Knain