Memorize Matthew 5:7-10

I’m okay with conflict.  I enjoy a good-natured disagreement, a lively debate. My eyes grow a little wider and a grin begins to shape at the edge of my lips when I sense an argument brewing. As the adrenaline begins to leak into my system my mind starts hunting for ways to outwit, outmaneuver,  and ultimately destroy the opposition. I’m not good at it, but I like it. It isn’t instinct to look for common ground. My default mode isn’t to convince or reconcile. I’m not a peacemaker by birth. I’m selfish and I want to win by nature, but through Christ we have access to a new nature, a better nature.

These verses continue what is called the Beatitudes from the Sermon on the Mount. They are all about what the blessed life looks like in God’s kingdom. In God’s kingdom peacemakers are called sons. How amazing. I don’t think peacemaking is valued in the world. The ones that seem to be winning are the ones that fight the hardest and crush their opponents. That’s who is at the top. But that’s now how God sees the world. The people that work to make peace are His dear children. This is difficult and requires a strength that comes from outside of us. Ask for this heart and His strength. Memorize this.