Memorize Matthew 20:26-28

Much of what makes us unhappy comes from our slavery to selfishness. We were born with it. Put some kids in a room with some toys and it won’t be long before you witness one child put down a toy to play with something else that looks more interesting. If another child then picks up the rejected toy the first child loses its mind. Loses it! (If you’ve never seen this happen, reply to this email and we’ll get you signed up to work in BCC Kids.) We’re selfish creatures. I’m afraid it doesn’t get much better as we get older and it makes us deeply unhappy.


Here is the way to work on our selfishness. Serve others. That’s right. It’s not only the way to fight selfishness and increased happiness, it’s also the way to greatness in God’s kingdom. In God’s economy there is royalty in service. No one would deny that Jesus is the greatest in God’s kingdom. He deserves the all the glory and honor, and he came to serve. He came to give his life, so we could have life. What is true of our master is true of his disciples. Serve him by serving others. Memorize this.