Memorize John 5:39-40

Forrest Fenn hid a treasure chest containing around $2 million dollars of gold and jewels in Yellowstone National Park. He gave clues. “It is hidden in the Rocky Mountains, somewhere between Santa Fe and the Canadian border at an elevation above 5,000 feet. It’s not in a mine, a graveyard or near a structure.” I love buried treasure stories. Probably because of the indelible impact of the movie The Goonies. The treasure is out there. People are looking for it. I get it. I’m tempted to spend the rest of today going over maps and clues looking for it. But that would be stupid. Because I’m not going to Yellowstone to look for the treasure and just studying the clues won’t make me rich.
That’s what these verses are about. Apparently, there is a way to study the Scriptures and miss the treasure, miss salvation, miss eternal life. The Jews were excellent, diligent scholars of the Scriptures. They poured over them looking for eternal life, believing that studying them was what brought life. They believe eternal life was something in their control. Jesus said that any study of Scripture that didn’t point to him didn’t bring life. The Bible points to Jesus. If your study doesn’t make much of Jesus, it isn’t right. There’s no treasure in it, no salvation if it doesn’t lead to Him. Memorize this.