Memorize Jeremiah 1:12

From Thomas Weeks:

Where I’m from, probably more than most places, your word means something. When you give someone your word on the farm followed by a handshake, you’re practically signing a contract. I remember a time when my dad agreed to sell his cattle to a certain buyer. Out of curiosity, I asked my dad, “are y’all gonna sign a contract or something?” “No,” he replied. Then he proceeded to explain to me how all his deals are done by giving someone his word. “When you give someone your word, you never go back on it,” my dad instructed me. I feel it is like a code of honor in the rural area where I grew up. Even the most immoral people I know down there have this strange sense of integrity when it comes to keeping their word. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. People do go back on their word, even in my hometown. We are full of sin and unfaithfulness.

Yet there is no unfaithfulness in God. His speaking is His doing. If He says something, you can count on Him staying true to His word. That’s what this verse is all about. God gives the newly called prophet Jeremiah assurance that all the words He is about to give him to speak will certainly come to pass. The ‘word’ God gave Jeremiah to speak was, in large part, a word of judgement. God’s chosen people would be led away into exile in Babylon, not exactly a popular message. I can see how this extra assurance would be helpful.

In addition to this word of judgement, God also gave Jeremiah a word of hope to speak. Despite the imminent judgement to be executed on His people, God promises restoration and deliverance from captivity, along with so much more. He promises to one day send the Messiah and to deliver His chosen people from evil, giving them new hearts and restoring them back to right relationship with Him. And thanks be to God, we see the fulfillment of all these gospel promises in Jesus Christ, our Lord! Our God is ever watching over His word to perform it, and this is good news.

Let memorize this verse together, resting in the promises of God that find their yes and amen in Christ.