Memorize James 1:17

From Wendi Culver:

I don’t always feel like God gives me good gifts. While I know in my head and heart God wants what is best for me and has blessed me far more than I deserve, I still struggle at times embracing life trials as good and perfect gifts.

I believe James is reminding us in this verse that our great God is the Father and Creator of all things and nothing is a surprise to him. Sickness, loss, failure, and defeat don’t feel like good and perfect gifts but that is exactly what God intended them to be. Through our life difficulties, God shows us, in our weakness and times of need, how we are to be strengthened and made more like him.  God loves us! He wants nothing but good for us, even if that means taking something from us or making us suffer just so he can bless us with his goodness.

Crazy, right?! It is so true though and I know it, believe it, and have experienced it. I hope you find comfort and hope in memorizing this verse this week.