Memorize Ephesians 2:1-3

Remember a few weeks ago when we were discussing John 14:6, how we compared the Christian life to a traveler navigating a vast wilderness, and how Jesus has gone before us, marked the way, and we are following in His footsteps? Today’s passage reminds us this was not always the case. Once upon a time, we were walking a very different path, following not in the footsteps of Christ, but in the footsteps of the prince of darkness.


Pilgrim’s Progress tells of a man robed in white who secretly leads travelers into a pit to entrap them, but we aren’t merely following some evil guide – the evil is actually inside of us, drawing us onward like an irresistible magnetic tractor beam. Like a train on the wrong tracks, there is no way this train is going to get onto the right tracks unless someone on the outside throws a switch at an interchange and redirects its path.


Modern Christians often think of ourselves as being not of “this world” in the sense that the Earth is not our home, and that is true in some regard. But another interesting perspective is described by John Eadie, a Scottish pastor in the 1800’s. He says that the world and the church are contrasted here as two antagonistic societies – two very real places, but whose boundaries are ideological rather than geographical. Every action, thought, and power that we experience is us living in one society or the other.


And like the actual globe, Satan’s society has its own atmosphere – and this power is what gives it life even while killing it, as well as defining the unified way of thinking of its inhabitants. “This atmosphere is his seat of power, close upon its inhabitants, ever near and ever active, unseen and yet real, unfelt and yet mighty.” Like breathing a poisonous gas, this force is very much “in the air”.


Thanks be to God that He didn’t leave us to live there! Tune in next week to see what happens. 😉