Memorize Acts 20:35

“You once pushed me out of the way to change something. You literally, brushed my hands off the keyboard and said, ‘I’ll do it myself.'” That’s not exactly how I remember the incident, but it is probably a mostly fair criticism leveled against me. Sometimes I don’t take time to explain. I wrongly get so stuck in my head and I think that I’m busy and I have my stuff going on and there are things I want to accomplish so I believe that I don’t have time to stop and help someone else learn. Sometimes it’s just easier to do it yourself. But it isn’t necessarily better.

The weak Paul is talking about in this verse include the poor and hurting, but also those that don’t know, that need help understanding life, that need someone to walk with them constantly pointing them to Jesus. We’ve all been there. Do you know someone that doesn’t seem able to pull their life together? We are called to help them. Stop what we are doing and help. Ready for the crazy part? According to Jesus that’s a more blessed way for you to live your life! You want blessing? Help someone weaker. Slow down and bear with them, give them time, teach them, be patient with them. Constantly help them up and tell them of Christ’s love. There’s blessing there. Memorize this.