Memorize 2 Corinthians 5:21

Uzzah’s story is one of the more disconcerting in the Bible. King David was moving the treasured Ark of the Covenant back to Jerusalem accompanied by a huge celebration with singers and bands. Suddenly the oxen carrying the ark stumbled and Uzzah put out his hand, presumably to steady the ark, and grabbed the ark of God. And God strikes him dead. No one was to touch the ark. It just seems like an honest mistake. Even David was really upset about it. I think it upsets me so much because I make the same error as Uzzah all the time. We wrongly think that God needs our help more than he desires our obedience. That might be why I have trouble saying no, or resting, or trusting. I’m too busy trying to save God to obey.


Uzzah did what no one was allowed to ever do. He allowed the unclean, his hand, to come in contact with the holy. God never allowed that. That is why it is so breathtaking that Jesus, the Holy One of Israel, died on a cross. God made him who knew no sin, who was completely holy, to be sin for us. The holy made unclean. And God’s wrath broke out against it and Christ suffered in our place. God takes your sin seriously, more seriously than you can imagine. God loves you more than you could dream so what his holiness demanded, his grace provided. Memorize this.