Memorize 1 John 3:1-2

We live in the Inbetween; the time between the two arrivals of Jesus into the world. And sometimes in the Inbetween things happen. Scary things. Tragedy, sickness, loss, difficult marriages, and problem children all happen here. In these moments a powerful tempter whispers in our ears, “Is this how God loves you?” Slung into your mind at the right moment that question can steel your breath, make you angry. Because of the insidious cunning of this demonic question we must prepare ourselves for its asking and disarm it with truth. This is how he loves us: His love is so great that he has gone beyond forgiving our sins, gone beyond defeating death, gone beyond saving us from ourselves and our chosen futures. He has made us his children by faith. That’s a new nature, a new destiny, and an undeserved inheritance! That’s how He loves you.


And even though terrible things happen every day in the Inbetween there is nothing to stop us from acting like children of the king even when we are not treated like royalty. We have seen exactly what that life looks like; the model is the only begotten son, Jesus. He showed us what it’s like and how to do it. The children of the King are so consumed, absolutely overflowing, with love that wealth and the praise of angels is easily set aside for the eternal joy of people that don’t deserve it. There is no greater royalty than that. Of course, the world doesn’t acknowledge us as children of the King because it doesn’t recognize this kind of royalty. It’s confusing and doesn’t fit this present evil age, but that must not make us set aside our new nature. We are free to act like children of the King now. And if you are His, He is shaping you this way even now in the midst and with the tragedy, sickness, loss, marriage, and loneliness. That’s how great his love is! He never abandons His children to the grave. Memorize this.