Memorize 1 Corinthians 10:31

Where does God matter? Certainly, he matters when we worship. He matters when I meditate on Scripture. In the hospital, in a storm, and at war. And when I have big decisions about career or moving. But does he matter when I’m eating my Cap’n Crunch? Or maybe I should ask, how does God matter when sitting in carpool, fixing dinner, folding clothes, or mowing the yard? How does God matter in the ordinary rhythms of everyday life that compose most of our existence?


God is the God of big things. Huge things! Setting galaxies spinning and the earth teaming with life by his Word kind of things. Miraculous things like healing the sick, feeding thousands with a few loaves and some fishes, turning water into wine types of things. Which is why it is interesting that his rescue plan, his salvation, always involves him coming to be with us in the ordinary. Setting up his tent in the middle of his people. Taking on flesh, making breakfast, praying, laughing, dying. Placing his Spirit inside us. This God that is so high keeps insisting that he is present in the ordinary. That the ordinary matters. That he uses the ordinary. He is the one that feeds us, even in the drive through. He is the one that heals us, even at the doctor. That he graciously provides the clothes we fold, the Cap’n Crunch we eat. That he is with us in carpool, at dinner, and when we mow the lawn. Modern life doesn’t provide us with many reminders of God’s work and his imminence, so we must commit to acknowledge him as God and savior in everything we do. When we eat, when we drink, in everything we do making it known that he matters, that he is glorious. Memorize this.