Ephesians 2:8-10

From Thomas Weeks

I remember the very first thing I ever built on my own. It was a little end table made out of pallets. I had no clue what I was doing and let’s just say it was “rustic.” Imagine it, a bunch of beat up lumber ripped from pallets, unevenly cut boards on top, and some lazily sanded boards on the sides, all held together by about a box or two of nails and a few screws for good measure. My poor workmanship is masked in my parents’ living room, to this day, thanks to the rustic furniture trend. One day this table will be chunked and even if it is not, it will not last forever, no matter how many nails I put in it. And no matter how much my workmanship improves, it will always be temporal.

But God’s workmanship, it is eternal! These verses inform us of the incredible reality, that we, those who are made new in Christ Jesus, are God’s workmanship. This is so humbling and so refreshing at the same time. We have not made ourselves alive together with Christ, and we have not raised ourselves up with and seated ourselves with Christ. Much like my shoddy workmanship, the works of our hands apart from Christ, are far from perfect. As we learned a few weeks ago in verses one and two, the works of our flesh amount to nothing but our being children of wrath. But thanks be to God. He has saved us by grace through faith. And now, instead of being children of wrath, we are objects of His grace, intended to show off the “immeasurable riches of His grace in kindness toward us in Christ Jesus.” He has given us life; He has given us hope; He has given us purpose, saving us not only from death and hell but to life in Him. May good works now flow from all hearts that have been redeemed by His grace, to the praise of His glory.

Let’s embrace and memorize these verses together.